lemur lemur  /ˈli mər/


  • (n) large-eyed arboreal prosimian having foxy faces and long furry tails


  1. And that is perhaps where the lemur's most adaptive, if accidental, characteristic comes into play: cuteness.
  2. Many rare species, like the ring-tailed lemur, are found only in Madagascar.
  3. Greater Bamboo Lemur Found only in a small area of southeastern Madagascar, the greater bamboo lemur eats only bamboo shoots despite the cyanide found in the plant.


  1. Video: Lemurs have a new home at the San Diego Zoo

    Five lemurs from Madagascar are now living at the San Diego Zoo. The ring-tailed and wide-eyed creatures live in a free-range exhibit called "Lemur Walk," which allows visitors close-up views of these friendly animals.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: CBS News

  2. Personality test finds some mouse lemurs shy, others bold

    ( Duke University ) In the last 10 years the study of animal personality has gained ground with behavioral ecologists. Researchers at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, N.C., have now found distinct personalities in the grey mouse lemur, the tiny, saucer-eyed primate native to the African island of Madagascar.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: EurekAlert!


    The boat to Lemur Island, near Andasibe. Tina, my male Malagasy guide, planned a trip to the Andasibe National Park and a small lemur reserve. On the walk there we discussed different cultural aspects of Madagascar and his history.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: San Diego Reader

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  1. "The greater bamboo lemur is a unique species and the only member of an entire primate genus, making it probably the most endangered primate genus in the world, so this discovery is a real blessing for our efforts to save it from extinction,"...
    on Jul 22, 2008 By: Russell Mittermeier Source: Environment News Service

  2. "I decided to report the sighting, against the urgings of my wife, who thought that I would get a reputation as a nut," James explained in a recent e-mail. "I assume, if people start making fun of me for seeing a lemur, other people will step...
    on Jul 27, 2008 By: Bill James Source: New Yorker

  3. "When I started the movie, I thought about having my own daemon, and I wanted a cat," Dakota said. "Now, it's a ring-tailed lemur or a hedgehog." "I never thought I had a chance, but I really thought I didn't have a chance when I got...
    on Dec 6, 2007 By: Dakota Blue Richards Source: OCRegister

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