legation legation


  1. (n) the post or office of legate
  2. (n) a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister



  1. An icy gale whipped the trees along Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard and tore at the policeman on guard before the Soviet legation to Israel.
  2. Floodlights were directed on the legation, and the area encircled with barbed wire.
  3. Commissioner Kurt Kessi called the legation on the telephone, asked to be admitted with an interpreter.



  • Regarding Nigeria's political instability, Chief Presidential Secretary for Unification, Foreign and Security Policy Song Min-soon said, "We are closely watching the situation in Nigeria while getting reports from the local legation," and added...
    on Feb 22, 2006 By: Song Min-soon Source: 동아일보

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