junky junky  /ˈdʒəŋ ki/


  1. (n) a narcotics addict
  2. (n) someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction



  1. And having fewer junky assets on their books may not cure banks of stinginess in the current climate of constraint.
  2. A junky display suggests a junky candidate.
  3. Get all the functions and features you want, without that clunky-junky 20th century hardware thing.


  1. LederMann Bridle Leather Briefcase review

    Being a techie junky, I’m always on the lookout for a good satchel or briefcase-type bag to carry all of my gear. I’m a computer technician, so something sturdy and roomy with lots of pockets is something I always need for work. I was given the chance to review the Bridle Leather Briefcase from LederMann [...]
    on June 17, 2013     Source: The Gadgeteer

  2. The Battered Old Car That Drove My Father's American Dream

    In the first few months after reporter Joanna Kakissis' family moved to the U.S., her father bought a junky, gigantic gold Oldsmobile for $200. Kakissis says Old Goldie was hard to love, but she was a symbol of the good life her father wanted to make for them.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: NPR

  3. iShares HYG’s Big Day: An ETF Liquidity Case Study

    High yield bonds have been getting a lot of attention lately.  Between historically low yields and record high prices, these “junk” bonds are looking less junky by the minute.  But while some investors ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: ETF Trends via Yahoo! Finance


  1. "I think McDonald's has recognized that nutrition is a very important issue to parents and others," said Michael Jacobson, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest. "While they've added some junky foods to...
    on Sep 21, 2007 By: Michael Jacobson Source: Forbes

  2. "We've been kind of junky on all our qualifying attempts for the 2 1/2-mile tracks," Hornish said. "We picked up a half a second from practice to qualifying, but it's obviously not enough. The best way to do this deal is to be in the top 35."
    on Oct 4, 2008 By: Sam Hornish Jr Source: USA Today

  3. "Yeah, all those times I missed this year finally made it worth it I guess to come in here and be able to score," Crosby said. "They must have been expecting something else and I surprised them with some junky ones I guess."
    on Jan 23, 2007 By: Sidney Crosby Source: Canada.com

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