inconvenience inconvenience  /ˌɪn kən ˈvin jəns/


  1. (n) an inconvenient discomfort
  2. (n) a difficulty that causes anxiety
  3. (n) the quality of not being useful or convenient
  4. (v) to cause inconvenience or discomfort to


  1. Despite the inconvenience, Washingtonians seemed almost solidly against Employer Wolfson and in favor of his employees, striking for a 25-an-hour pay hike and other benefits.
  2. Lexus owners did not even suffer the inconvenience of a trip to their dealership: within a few weeks, their cars were picked up, repaired and returned to them.
  3. That's an inconvenience many winter depressives can live with.


  1. Moving light-rail stop at Anschutz campus may have benefits

    Moving a planned light-rail station in the heart of the Anschutz Medical Campus a half-mile north might be an inconvenience to commuters, but it could be a boon financially to the city of Aurora, city officials say.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Denver Post

  2. I-5 bridge collapse

    Be proactive, not reactive While it is clear that the U.S. government is cutting back its expenditures, is it wise to cut funds to our main means of transportation? This bridge collapse was a major inconvenience for people moving along the West Coast, but it was not nearly as bad as it could have be
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Seattle Times

  3. Single tree traps Tucker neighborhood without power

    It was only a single tree, but it caused a lot of damage and inconvenience to the Classic Village neighborhood in Tucker.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: WXIA-TV Atlanta


  1. In a statement issued by the airline, Chief Executive Gerard Arpey said, "We regret and apologize that we are once again causing inconvenience to our customers."
    on Aug 31, 2006 By: Gerard Arpey Source: Leading The Charge

  2. Daniel, who was recently pictured sporting an arm sling, told Elle magazine: "It's a stupid inconvenience because we had to stop filming. But they gave me an excellent plastic surgeon."
    on Oct 8, 2008 By: Daniel Craig Source:

  3. "Simon & Garfunkel regret any inconvenience this has caused their fans and are looking forward to rescheduling the dates when I do feel bad about disrupting so many people's plans but, as I continue to mend, I can't yet bring my 'A game' to a tour,...
    on Jun 18, 2010 By: Art Garfunkel Source:

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