immutability immutability


  • (n) the quality of being incapable of mutation



  1. The value of money would be guaranteed by the immutability of gold.
  2. All of these plays share two touchstones of the classic: inevitability and immutability.
  3. An illness deafened Goya in his 40s and turned him from pleasant art to black indictments of man's inhumanity and fate's immutability.


  1. "I am sure the president respects those who support his course," Peskov said. "I am also sure that he intends to continue respecting the principle of immutability of the constitution."
    on Oct 31, 2007 By: Dmitry Peskov Source:

  2. Northeastern University professor Jack Levin, who co-authored the first book written about hate crimes, told Hotsheet that "to use immutability as a criterion doesn't make any sense at all." "Religion is clearly not ascribed. It's not built...
    on Oct 13, 2009 By: Jack Levin Source: CBS News

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