hummock hummock


  • (n) a small natural hill



  1. Now, where the sparse cattle had been herded from hummock to hummock by boat, the floods would subside.
  2. Eisenhower was a pair of ears pierced by a disingenuous grin, and Kennedywell, some semblance of Kennedy could always be drawn under that hummock of hair.
  3. Paraguayan soldiers, backed against their Verdun, a hummock topped by French-built Fort Nanawa, have had nothing to do but scratch hard-biting Chaco lice.


  • Nantucket's Newspaper Since 1821

    (June 20, 2013) On Saturday, the town officially dedicated the Hummock Pond Bike Path, the latest addition to the town’s cycling infrastructure.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: The Inquirer and Mirror

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