humanization humanization


  • (n) the act of making more human


  1. I demand the humanization of Iran and all people of the 3rd World.
  2. The Significance of his book is its extraordinary humanization of lives and literature which, for most people, lie moldering in the rat-runs of deserted lecture halls.
  3. Dog day care, pet-custody battles and even plastic surgery for animals testify to America's humanization of pets.


  1. Kansas Senate Candidate Milton Wolf Explains What's Funny About Dead Bodies

    Kansas Senate candidate Milton Wolf is trying to recover from a social media scandal — he posted macabre X-rays of gunshot victims on Facebook — by explaining gallows humor to In an apparent attempt at humanization, his wife also tweeted the unusual image below, a black-and-white, somewhat eerie photo of Wolf embracing her in a hospital bed. Wolf, a radiologist in Overland Park ...
    on February 25, 2014     Source: The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News

  2. Fusion Antibodies Announces Collaboration with Pepscan to offer Precision Epitope Mapping

    Fusion Antibodies have entered into a partnership with Dutch biotechnology company Pepscan to offer their precision CLIPS precision epitope mapping service to Fusion’s customers. The deal creates for customers an integrated solution of high quality epitope mapping in combination with antibody humanization services, royalty free and with reduced lead times. (PRWeb February 24, 2014) Read the full ...
    on February 24, 2014     Source: PRWeb


  1. Brazil "must take the next step, to discuss the humanization of the sugar cane sector in this country," Silva said at a news conference.
    on May 15, 2007 By: Lula da Silva Source: Washington Post

  2. "Everyone talks about the humanization of pets," said Scott Morris, Freshpet marketing vice president. "But pet food looks the same as it did 30 years ago."
    on Mar 18, 2009 By: Scott Morris Source: Farming UK

  3. Benedict said that combating the spread of AIDS requires "first, a humanization of sexuality, that is, a spiritual human renewal that brings with it a new way of behaving with one another. Second, a true friendship even and especially with those who...
    on Mar 19, 2009 By: Pope Benedict XVI Source: Lifesite

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