hickock hickock


  • (n) frontier marshal whose adventures have become legendary (1837-1876)



  • Interior Tourism Officials Expect Average Summer Numbers

    The Interior is coming off what’s likely to be a flat tourism season. Official numbers are not in yet, but Fairbanks Convention and visitors Bureau president and CEO Deb Hickock doesn’t expect anything surprising. Download Audio
    on September 10, 2013     Source: Alaska Public Radio Network


  1. "There are a great many people east of the Appalachian Mountains who are not yet sure it's safe to come out West because they are afraid Wild Bill Hickock or some Indian chief will scalp them," Truman told the crowd.
    on Sep 26, 2008 By: Harry Truman Source: Rocky Mountain News

  2. "I have not done all the full research on this, but the family legend is that Wild Bill Hickock, he's a distant cousin of mine," Obama said. "I don't know if it's true, but that's the legend, so we're going to research that because I'm ready...
    on Jul 30, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: The Swamp - Tribune's Washington Bureau (blog)

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