headful headful


  1. (n) the quantity of information that a head will hold
  2. (n) a covering over the surface of your head


  1. An avid ocean sailor, Protta took a 15-month, 12,000-mile cruise and came home in 1971 with a headful of ideas about new electronic equipment for navigation.
  2. Twelve years ago Max Grundig was just another drummed-out German quartermaster private, with a headful of ideas and a handful of tools.
  3. Three weeks after the patch-up job, I've still got a headful of fog and a skinful of ache.


  • Topless Rihanna poses as Medusa for British GQ

    We now know Rihanna has no fear of snakes -- or nudity, for that matter. The Grammy Award-winning singer poses topless on the cover of the December issue of British GQ as Medusa from Greek mythology. She sports a headful of small snakes and a large one wrapped around her neck.
    on November 5, 2013     Source: NBC NEWS

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