haddock haddock  /ˈhæ dək/


  1. (n) lean white flesh of fish similar to but smaller than cod; usually baked or poached or as fillets sauteed or fried
  2. (n) important food fish on both sides of the Atlantic; related to cod but usually smaller


  1. Tinker mackerel, haddock, cod and other piscine products sell at about half what they did two years ago.
  2. Having devastated the cod population, Atlantic fishing boats are exhausting the haddock, herring and flounder.
  3. Some fish appear to be nearing extinction: the New England haddock catch has shriveled since 1960 from 112 million lbs.


  • Fish roasted on a bed of tomatoes and potatoes

    Serves 4 One-pot meals are low maintenance, easy to clean up, and offer lots of great flavors in one vessel. You can make something stewy on top of the stove, or layer everything in a handsome baking dish and use the oven. Here, haddock or cod is roasted with tomatoes, onions, and potatoes tossed with olive oil, oregano, and herbs. ...        
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Boston Globe

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  1. "The importance of fishing to Scotland's social life stretches from the boat to the plate," Mr Lochhead said. "Some of the best fish in the world comes from Scottish waters and it is no surprise that haddock is the favourite fish choice in...
    on Jun 18, 2010 By: Richard Lochhead Source: Press and Journal

  2. Mr Bradshaw told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "In terms of income, they [fishermen] will probably be more than compensated by the increases in prawns, haddock and monkfish, all of which are nowadays more important to UK fishermen than cod. I think...
    on Dec 21, 2006 By: Ben Bradshaw Source: BBC News

  3. "The first one's based on 'The Secret Of The Unicorn' largely, with a little of 'The Crab With The Golden Claws' put in," explained Jackson. "We wanted to have the meeting of Captain Haddock and Tintin. ...... We're kind of taking bits from a...
    on Aug 17, 2009 By: Peter Jackson Source: MTV.com

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