gunner gunner  /ˈɡə nər/


  • (n) a serviceman in the artillery


  1. All a gunner has to do is press a switch to start them spitting at a rate of 800 rounds a minute.
  2. Elvis, the gunner, still seemed a little insecure about stopping the entire convoy's progress to investigate a Gatorade bottle.
  3. I ordered the gunner to fire one at the gate.


  1. Shelby Splits With Charleston

    Shelby Legion went to Charleston and salvaged a split. After dropping game 1, 8-3, Shelby caught fire and won the nightcap, 12-5. Charleston led 8-0 in the 6th, before Shelby finally produced some runs. Gunner Theis sparked the 3-run rally with a 1-o
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Shelbyville Daily Union

  2. Baseball innovater Billy “Gunner” McGunnigle to be honored at Rox opener

    Recognized by some as the inventor of the catcher’s mitt, Billy “Gunner” McGunnigle, a 19th century player-manager, is a part of Brockton history
    on June 7, 2013     Source: The Brockton Enterprise

  3. Gunner Pool great, flies and all

    If not for the flies, Gunner Pool Recreation Area would be paradise.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


  1. "These brave Canadian soldiers were helping bring hope to a population that has seen much hardship," Harper said. "We will not forget the sacrifice made by Gunner Dion while working to make life better for others." "These Canadian...
    on Dec 30, 2007 By: Stephen Harper Source: Edmonton Sun

  2. "His uncle is a season-ticket holder and called and said he'd like to go to a game before he goes back to war," Riley said. "He's a gunner with the Delta Infantry, riding there supporting the ground troops in live fire. ...... That's who this...
    on Mar 13, 2007 By: Pat Riley Source:

  3. "It is an emergency for us," said Mancini. "We tried to get Joe but Birmingham said no. I respect that decision. We had to get someone because I have no idea when Shay will be back and, apart from Gunner Nielsen, we only had a 15-year-old. I...
    on Apr 29, 2010 By: Roberto Mancini Source: AFP

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