gruffness gruffness


  1. (n) a throaty harshness
  2. (n) an abrupt discourteous manner


  1. Asner, 79, who used his slow burn brilliantly on the great Mary Tyler Moore '70s sitcom, had the gruffness and deadpan comic timing to bring Carl to vocal life.
  2. He went on paying low wages, giving away $100 bills, warning his employes never to marry, in general behaving with the gruffness expected of him.
  3. Her feistiness meshes well with Duvall's homey gruffness: they're the Hepburn and Tracy of the European Theater.



  1. "I hear the tone of the officers is pretty abrupt," Dicks told the newspaper. "Gruffness: that has turned people off. They need to try to treat people nicely, not try to terrify people."
    on Oct 16, 2008 By: Norm Dicks Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

  2. "I thought what was interesting and challenging about this man's story was that he is not this perfect hero at all, by any stretch," says Mr. Kinnear. "If anything, he's got a kind of gruffness, stubbornness, distrustfulness ...... In spite...
    on Oct 2, 2008 By: Greg Kinnear Source: Washington Times

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