gripe gripe  /ˈɡraɪp/


  1. (n) informal terms for objecting
  2. (v) complain



  1. The only real gripe is the flash, which is so overpowering that it tends to bleach everything that's too close.
  2. A hidden gem, this little app allows you to circumvent the iPhone's standard hunt-and-peck fingertip typing a major iPhone-user gripe when you're composing an e-mail message.
  3. Some observers suggest Floridians shouldn't gripe too much, since they don't pay a state income tax.


  1. High grass has Radnor growling

    A gripe over grass has Radnor Township officials asking the governor for relief.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Main Line Suburban Life

  2. The Gripe: New turn lane creates unforeseen hazard in Georgetown

    THE GRIPE | Opposing lane was narrowed to make room, but street parking was not adjusted.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Washington Post


  1. "It was a discussion, not a gripe session," Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said. "There's no issue there. We're talking about something that really isn't there. I am not worried about a divided locker room."
    on Dec 12, 2008 By: Wade Phillips Source: AFP

  2. Upson said: "My relationship with Steve Bruce is fine. I've spoken to him. We thanked each other for the last four years at Birmingham and we both move on. There is no animosity there. I know his gripe is with the Blues board and that's what he told...
    on Feb 4, 2007 By: Matthew Upson Source:

  3. "I wasn't the one that threw the caution," Benson said. "That's his gripe with whomever. But it sure made for a great event for the fans."
    on Nov 16, 2007 By: Johnny Benson Source:

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