greenness greenness  /ˈɡrinNəs/


  1. (n) the lush appearance of flourishing vegetation
  2. (n) the state of not being ripe
  3. (n) green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass



  1. The NWF report doesn't rank universities by greenness, but it does highlight over 200 of the best performers.
  2. Glass cautions that most studies don't necessarily prove a causal link between greenness and health, but they're nonetheless helping spur action.
  3. New at the profession, O'Malley showed no greenness.


  • NOAA maps our lush, green Earth (pictures)

    New imagery collected by the VIIRS sensor aboard the Suomi NPP satellite maps the subtle differences in Earth's greenness, from the lushest vegetation to vast, dry deserts.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: CNET


  1. "It is [green], but it's still quite dry. I think the greenness is misrepresenting the wicket," Vettori said. "I've played here enough times to know that it will probably have a little bit in it early on, but it's not going to be anything too...
    on Mar 26, 2010 By: Daniel Vettori Source: New Zealand Herald

  2. "I see no contradictions between greenness and economic issues," said Mr Gummer, the former environment secretary. "It's basically Conservative. We are about giving to the next generation something better than we've received ourselves."
    on Sep 13, 2007 By: John Gummer Source:

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