granddad granddad


  • (n) the father of your father or mother


  1. Max raced around a visitors' room, occasionally hugging his mom and trying to pull his beloved granddad up from his chair.
  2. I vividly remember my first Superman comic, which my granddad bought me when I was about 7.
  3. To a devoted granddad like Hermann, those were sweet words indeed.



  1. "If Joe Calzaghe gets past 'granddad' Hopkins the week after I make mincemeat of Tarver, he can come looking for me. I'm ready for Calzaghe any time and any place and he knows it," Woods said.
    on Jan 29, 2008 By: Clinton Woods Source: Canada East

  2. "It (becoming a grandfather) was a bit quicker than I expected, I've got to be honest," Cash said. "Then again, my kids came a bit sooner than I expected too. So, yeah, I was a young dad and now I'ma young granddad."
    on May 24, 2010 By: Pat Cash Source: World Tennis Magazine

  3. On playing cricket with her brother, Sara said, "We did play backyard cricket together, but I'm not sure how much of a go I really got. I would go to the training which Granddad used to take and I would be running around picking up the balls. It...
    on Mar 15, 2009 By: Sara McGlashan Source: Times of India

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