grabby grabby


  • (adj) immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth


  1. As events began to unravel, and perhaps as Dictator Stalin got unexpectedly grabby, he got a big slice of Poland.
  2. Sonique is a British dance-pop singer whose grabby new single, It Feels So Good, is scaling the charts with uncommon speed.
  3. She channeled her pain into creativity--many songs on Choirgirl, including the grabby first single, Spark, deal with the loss.


  1. Get your shot, you don't want to mess with tetanus

    Summer weather means more time outside working, playing and savoring the sunshine. Sometimes it results in extra scrapes and scratches from grabby blackberry vines or rusty nails playing hide-and-seek. At some point, there is an injury that makes you wonder: Do I need a tetanus shot for that?
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Everett Herald

  2. Sipping

    Sipping Botromagno Primitivo Italy 2009 $11.99 Rich, ripe red fruit, stony and earthy. Intense, with grabby tannins. A Zin with attitude. For strongly sauced dishes, or fatty meats. This wine is available at We Speak Wine, Troy. — Fred LeBrun
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Albany Times Union

  3. Fan Grabs Rihanna; Rihanna Hits Fan With Microphone

    Last month, Beyoncé demonstrated the stern, all-business way to deal with a too-grabby concert attendee: tell the fan off (then wait for Julius to deal with it). Yesterday in Birmingham, England, Rihanna offered a feistier tactic: hitting the fan in the head with a microphone. The video is below; you ... More »
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Vulture


  • "I marvel at the job he is doing," line coach Joe Bugel said. "It's not like we can give him any help. He's isolated out there, like 'Gilligan' on the island. It's such a grabby game these days, and he can't play it. But I'll say this: I...
    on Sep 29, 2005 By: Joe Bugel Source: The Virginian-Pilot

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