glutton glutton


  1. (n) a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess
  2. (n) musteline mammal of northern Eurasia

Derived Word(s)


  1. They suggest that he is a glutton for publicity, and that his press conferences are part of a political campaign, the office to be determined later.
  2. His inconstancy makes him flexible; his mistakes have made him smarter; he is a glutton for sympathy.
  3. One who is over-fond of eating, one who eats greedily or to excess, a glutton.


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    Summer is in full swing, and we’ve heard the heatwave reports to prove it. Unless you’re really a ‘sun child’ (aka a glutton for punishment), you won’t be doing much in this heat but going from one air conditioned destination …
    on July 18, 2013     Source: The Atlanta Post


  1. "I am not choosing to address these additional challenges just because I feel like it, or because I'm a glutton for punishment," Mr Obama told the Business Roundtable in Washington. "I am doing so because they are fundamental to our economic...
    on Mar 12, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: The Australian

  2. "I could stand up here and be a glutton for punishment and say it all falls on me and turn everybody loose, but they won't get better that way," Nolan said. "They could do the same thing, but the truth of the matter, the fact of the matter is...
    on Oct 17, 2006 By: Mike Nolan Source:

  3. "There's no reason to stop yet," says Pepin, 72, during a phone interview. "I still love to cook and I still love to eat. I'm a glutton."
    on Oct 2, 2008 By: Jacques Pepin Source: San Jose Mercury News

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