fumed fumed  /ˈfjumd/


  • (adj) (of wood) darkened or colored by exposure to ammonia fumes


  1. Swiss newspapers fumed at French journalists who suggested that Jaccoud was being railroaded because he had blemished the reputation of conservative, Calvinist Geneva.
  2. For three decades, Wright Patman has fumed and fussed that the Federal Reserve System is too secretive, too independent, too insensitive to the hopes of small borrowers.



  1. When one of his sisters fell in love with an older Italian man, Salem "agonized and fumed," says Coll.
    on Mar 31, 2008 By: Steve Coll Source: Christian Science Monitor

  2. "It was Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos who fumed and raged at me when he found out that AHI (Amsterdam) would be pursuing its original contract as submitted to the (government) without the unnecessary government loan and guarantee," De Venecia...
    on Sep 18, 2007 By: Jose de Venecia Source: GMA news.tv

  3. "Mugabe fumed. He said no ways, he could not become the Prime Minister," Tsvangirai said.
    on Aug 30, 2008 By: Morgan Tsvangirai Source: The Zimbabwe Standard

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