forfend forfend


  • (v) prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening


  1. Admitting to anything less than worshipping my dog will lump me with--heaven forfend--the cat people.
  2. It has no emotional tension or -- heaven forfend -- strong expression of frustration or need.
  3. Heaven forfend that you could love two countries, even if one just looks like the other but with fewer rivers and more wombats.


  • George Will Very Confused by Monetary Policy

    If you were skimming George Will’s Sunday column , or even if — heaven forfend! — you neglected it altogether, you missed a remarkable sentence, buried deep within Will’s slightly paranoid meanderings against Janet Yellen: “The Fed seems to be evolving into a central economic planner with a roving commission to right social wrongs such as unemployment.”
    on November 11, 2013     Source: New York Magazine

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