fogy fogy  /ˈfoʊ ɡi/


  • (n) someone whose style is out of fashion



  1. Patrick is a typical Amis hero, a young fogy who finds much of the world exasperating.
  2. Old fogy I may have become, but between 1960-61 and 1990-91 the average academic year of 19 schools surveyed had decreased 5.
  3. There's only one thing worse than an old fogy, and that's a young fogy.


  • Count me skeptical on Strataca

    Perhaps it really doesn’t matter, perhaps I’m an old fogy, perhaps I’m flat wrong, ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Hutchinson News


  • "I have spent my whole life with the federal rules, and this is one of the biggest deals I have ever seen," said New York University School of Law professor Arthur Miller, a longtime expert on civil procedure. "Me, old fogy troglodyte that I...
    on Sep 22, 2009 By: Arthur Miller Source:

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