fatty fatty  /ˈfæ ti/


  1. (n) a rotund individual
  2. (adj) containing or composed of fat



  1. Fatty acids are the building blocks of dietary fats, an essential part of the human diet.
  2. Earlier studies have shown that about 1% of a baby's total third-trimester fatty-acid intake comes from omega-3s, but by comparison, only about 0.
  3. Hidden in processed foods are dangerous trans-fatty acids.


  1. Healthy food truck hits the Shasta County Fair

    Shasta County  It's not just fried, fatty foods at the Shasta County fair this year.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: KRCR TV Redding

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  1. Alley, 57, told People that while her experience with Jenny Craig was "extraordinary," she wants "to create something new that will help millions of people end the seemingly never ending fatty-roller coaster ride."
    on Feb 20, 2008 By: Kirstie Alley Source: San Diego Union Tribune

  2. "Our experiment creates a very strong argument that a high-glycemic index diet causes, and a low-glycemic diet prevents, fatty liver in humans," research leader Dr. David Ludwig, director of the Optimal Weight for Life program at Children's...
    on Sep 21, 2007 By: David Ludwig Source: Washington Post

  3. "If omega-3 fatty acids, or these anti-inflammatory mediators, are as effective in humans and they are in mice, simple supplementation could be a cost-effective intervention benefiting millions of people," says Smith, the study's senior...
    on Jun 24, 2007 By: Lois Smith Source: EurekAlert (press release)

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