dumpy dumpy  /ˈdəm pi/


  1. (adj) resembling a garbage dump
  2. (adj) short and thick; as e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature
  3. (adj) short and plump


  1. As if from nowhere, the dumpy, determined woman descended one day in February 1974 on the headquarters of the Hearst food-giveaway program in San Francisco.
  2. If things go well for him at the box office, Los Angeles restaurants may have to deal with an infestation of waiters who are dumpy Canadians with Jewfros.
  3. Though she dressed like a dumpy Dutch huisvrouw in her frumpy hats, flat shoes and baggy tweeds, she was one of the world's richest women.


  • Film review: 'Hijacking' is cool, riveting

    Mark Hinson Democrat senior writer -- In the no-frills hostage drama 'A Hijacking,' the Danish actor Pilou Asbaek plays a likable, schlubby cook named Mikkel who runs the galley on a dumpy cargo boat.
    on July 21, 2013     Source: Tallahassee Democrat


  1. In high school, "I felt unattractive, short and self-conscious about my body, and I would purposely emphasize that by doing odd things," Faris, 31, tells Playboy. "I wore glasses, braces, odd hairdos and dumpy clothes. I was clumsy and...
    on Aug 14, 2008 By: Anna Faris Source: People Magazine

  2. Geri said: "I was called podge spice. I was the fat, dumpy one. Any imperfection is completely blown out of proportion." "There was one time that we were in Japan. We were exhausted and that night I made myself sick and I felt terrible. In...
    on Jan 2, 2008 By: Geri Halliwell Source: Showbiz Spy

  3. "I couldn't even go out to get the hamburger. My security people brought it," Arpaio said. "When the informer passes a lie box . . . you've gotta understand there's something there. When I have to move out of my house, from one dumpy hotel...
    on Oct 7, 2007 By: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Source: Arizona Republic

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