diagramming diagramming


  1. (n) a drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts
  2. (v) make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows interactions among variables or how something is constructed
  3. (n) providing a chart or outline of a system


  1. But Geni turns tree-building into a collaborative effort: the free site gives you the basic tools for diagramming your ancestry, and it also lets you invite others to contribute.
  2. That world has become so complex that Houser and his team have to use diagramming software to keep its various components straight.
  3. I explained my job at PTI, and talked about the challenge of diagramming the World Trade Center attack.



  1. "Slow down, let's not get ahead of ourselves," McMillan warned. "It's two games. ...... I like his energy. Hell, I love his energy, but we're not diagramming any plays for Reggie Evans right now. Not when we have other guys on the floor who...
    on Nov 9, 2004 By: Nate McMillan Source: Seattle Times

  2. "I'll take the blame on that," Miami coach Stan Van Gundy said. "With a young team and diagramming a play that you've never run, we should've probably run something we've worked on."
    on Feb 2, 2004 By: Stan Van Gundy Source: NBA.com

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