deflection deflection


  1. (n) a twist or aberration; especially a perverse or abnormal way of judging or acting
  2. (n) the amount by which a propagating wave is bent
  3. (n) the movement of the pointer or pen of a measuring instrument from its zero position
  4. (n) the property of being bent or deflected
  5. (n) a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern)


  1. The Apophis deflection, should it become necessary, must take place before the 2029 close approach.
  2. When the voltage on both sets of deflection plates is changed simultaneously, the electron beam scans the phosphor, sweeping across it and producing a TV picture.
  3. The experience' America's looking for today is not the practiced Washington art of evasion and deflection.


  1. Double deflection lifts Chicago to triple-OT win

    Andrew Shaw scored his fifth goal of the playoffs on a double deflection to give the Blackhawks a 4-3 victory over Boston in triple overtime on Wednesday.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: KOCO 5 Oklahoma City

  2. Blackhawks 4, Bruins 3 (3 OT)

    CHICAGO -- A double deflection gave the Chicago Blackhawks a triple-overtime win in a thrilling, draining opening game of the Stanley Cup finals.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The SportsXchange via Yahoo! Sports

  3. Andrew Shaw wins Game 1, drops F-bomb on NBC for Blackhawks (Video)

    Andrew Shaw’s deflection goal at 12:08 of triple overtime ended one of the longest games in Stanley Cup Final history, as the Chicago Blackhawks took Game 1 against the Boston Bruins, 4-3. He was exhausted and elated. And, well, he’s … Continue reading ?
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Puck Daddy via Yahoo! Sports


  1. "We had a few power plays, a 5-on-3, and we couldn't score," Hasek said. "They pull the goalie and score on a deflection off my defenseman's stick. It was a lucky goal, but it still counts the same as the others."
    on May 20, 2007 By: Dominik Hasek Source: Forbes

  2. "We are really disappointed, to play for a long time with 10 men and to concede like that from a deflection at the end, you have to be disappointed," Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez said. "The turning point of the game was the second yellow...
    on Feb 4, 2009 By: Rafael Benitez Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. Tevez increased City's misery by extending the lead and Hughes said: "I am disappointed with the award of a free-kick for the first goal. I thought Stevie had won the ball." "The free-kick gets a little deflection off Nigel de Jong but it was...
    on May 10, 2009 By: Mark Hughes Source: ESPN

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