cuckold cuckold


  1. (n) a man whose wife committed adultery
  2. (v) be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage



  1. Now handless, the cuckold finds the real father and tricks him into raping his own daughter.
  2. Even worse is the confrontation with the deceived colleague, the office cuckold.
  3. The lady of his piece is married to an urbane cuckold who regards benignantly her indiscretions with a pianist and financier.


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  1. It is a hilarious section ("I was a cuckold going cuckoo," Mr. Hughes writes) and it makes the memoir's title, "Things I Didn't Know," seem particularly apt.
    on Oct 11, 2006 By: Robert Hughes Source: New York Times

  2. "It's he who has no wife who is no cuckold," Chaucer writes in the latter half of the fourteenth century, crisply distilling one of the most per sis tent themes in Western culture since the start of history.
    on Sep 2, 2008 By: Geoffrey Chaucer Source: NPR

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