crocked crocked


  • (adj) very drunk


  1. He's stewed to the gills, crocked, see, and so he grabs me in his arms and he kisses me, which is normal since he is my pa, but when he starts pawin' me all over and gettin'.
  2. Some of the characters are crooked, others are crocked; the talk is extremely lowdown, and the lust unbounded.
  3. Sometimes when I go home late at night crocked and my wife raises hell, I tell her that's what I am too.


  • In the following days Mr MacKenzie wrote about the incident in his Sun article, his first since returning to the paper, entitled "Just Say Sorry" and "Keeper Cech's dog crocked my Mrs".
    on Oct 25, 2007 By: Kelvin MacKenzie Source:

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