cloak-and-dagger cloak-and-dagger


  • (adj) conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods



  1. "Sony has engaged in a technological version of cloak-and-dagger deceit against consumers by hiding secret files on their computers," Abbott said in a written statement. "Consumers who purchased a Sony CD thought they were buying music....
    on Nov 22, 2005 By: Greg Abbott Source: BusinessWeek

  2. "It was kind of a cloak-and-dagger society. Guys that were taking knew of each other and talked about things among themselves," Johnson said. "What I saw was that guys who were taking would never admit it, would never allow anybody to see....
    on Aug 5, 2007 By: Brian Johnson Source:

  3. "This appears to be a cloak-and-dagger operation, and the Kenyan authorities have kept us all in the dark," activist Al-Amin Kimathi told The Associated Press.
    on Feb 10, 2007 By: Dedan Kimathi Source: International Herald Tribune

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