censorial censorial


  • (adj) belonging or relating to a censor or a censor's functions


  1. One unsettling feature of the current censorial vigilantism is its signs of ugly inflammation.
  2. The resurgence of a populist censorial spirit has, in a sense, sneaked up on the nation.
  3. She despatched them by express, over which the Post Office Department has no censorial jurisdiction.


  1. Kagan argued that the RAV decision was based on St. Paul's "illegitimate, censorial motives" in passing the law -- not on the ways in which the law might have impermissibly "skewed" public debate.
    on May 13, 2010 By: Elena Kagan Source: Media Matters for America

  2. Outraged, Jefferson denounced such charges as attempts to suppress freedom of speech and publication, and Madison "reminded Congress that in a republican system 'the censorial power is in the people over the government, and not in the government...
    on Aug 12, 2009 By: Thomas Jefferson Source: TCS Daily

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