caper caper  /ˈkeɪ pər/


  1. (n) any of numerous plants of the genus Capparis
  2. (n) pickled flower buds used as a pungent relish in various dishes and sauces
  3. (n) a crime (especially a robbery)
  4. (n) a playful leap or hop
  5. (n) gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement
  6. (n) a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement
  7. (v) jump about playfully



  • Although the operation took all of 15 minutes, the caper was not as smooth as people remember it.


  1. Movie magic: Ricky Jay lets the cards fall where he chooses

    Mark Hinson | Democrat senior writer -- There is a scene in this summer's surprisingly entertaining caper flick, 'Now You See Me,' where a young magician uses playing cards as weapons to fend off federal agents who are trying to arrest him.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Tallahassee Democrat

  2. 'Identity Thief' tops movie-on-demand list

    PORTLAND, Ore., June 19 (UPI) -- The Jason Bateman-Melissa McCarthy comic caper "Identity Thief" is the No. 1 movie-on-demand in the United States, Rentrak said.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: UPI

  3. Bernanke And His Game Of Chicken

      Sometimes things can get out of control. So you have to wonder if the “taper caper” was either: A. A deliberate ploy or trial balloon to gauge investor reaction B. An effort to reduce speculation in extended equity and high yield sectors C. Something that just got out of control as vigilantes showed Ben they’re still around E. Even if Ben gives markets more QE, will they still trust him? D ...
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge

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  1. "I'm new at this caper, obviously, but I wouldn't have accepted it if I didn't feel ready," Hoiles said. "I'll ask for feedback off guys. I'd hate to think there's an area they're concerned with and I never found out about it." "I'll...
    on Jan 13, 2009 By: Stephen Hoiles Source: The Canberra Times

  2. Jessica Parker said: "It has the cinematic scope of Laurence of Arabia. But it is a romp. It's a caper. It's a caper with heart. I never in a million years thought we would be in the dunes of the Sahara desert, shooting a movie, on camels, dressed...
    on Mar 22, 2010 By: Sarah Jessica Parker Source: MTV UK

  3. "This feels a lot like 'Uptown Saturday Night' to me, a caper film where you have these music promoters who are slightly shady but are good enough guys that you root for them," Weinstein told Daily Variety. "This is going to be R-rated, and...
    on Mar 26, 2008 By: Bob Weinstein Source: Variety

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