calisthenic calisthenic  /ˌkæ ləs ˈθɛ nɪk/


  • (adj) of or relating to calisthenics


  1. The girl's coolest, most contained movements, for instance, often prompted her partners to shatter the mood with explosive, calisthenic displays.
  2. It adds something human and wistful to the calisthenic comedy of the high point of the evening.
  3. Marines conducted regular calisthenic-and weapons-training sessions on the carrier flight decks, and helicopter crews worked on their tricky approaches and landings.


  • Naperville gym completes 41,251 push-ups for Little Friends

    Walkathons, 5K runs, long-distance bike races and even jumping jack challenges are tried-and-true in the world of fitness-based fundraisers, but there's at least one common calisthenic that gets neglected: The push-up. Midwest Fit Club in south Naperville took the often-dreaded exercise and made it the star of the show for an entire 24 hours as the gym hosted its first Big Push-ups for Little ...
    on August 26, 2013     Source: Daily Herald

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