butyric butyric


  • (adj) relating to or producing butyric acid


  1. The papers of even more hopeless dummies Professor Madigan had permeated with butyric acid, for a smell worse than Limburger cheese.
  2. Some fatty substances, such as butyric and caproic acids which are abundant in butter, were burnt quickly and completely after they were eaten.
  3. Aware Woman was attacked with butyric acid and its locks were jammed with glue; its staff members were stalked and threatened and their neighbors and children accosted.


  • Avery Brewing's got good taste — and the science to back it up

    The first beer sample tastes like SpaghettiOs. Which is bad — but not as horrid as the one that smells like sweaty socks. Or the one that has not-so-subtle notes of baby vomit — an aroma that comes from butyric acid, which can form if bacteria infect the beer during a brew. Th...
    on October 9, 2013     Source: Denver Westword


  • "Rotten butter is butyric acid as orange juice is citric acid ...... beer is more acidic," Watson told The Associated Press by satellite phone from his ship. "Our tactics are designed to not hurt anybody, so we make the deck as slippery as...
    on Dec 26, 2008 By: Paul Watson Source: FOXNews

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