bushwhack bushwhack  /ˈbʊʃ ˌwæk/


  1. (v) wait in hiding to attack
  2. (v) live in the bush as a fugitive or as a guerilla
  3. (v) cut one's way through the woods or bush


  1. By night they established cossack posts to bushwhack guerrillas who sneaked out in search of food clothing.
  2. One of them: 18 Lightnings racing out from Guadalcanal's Henderson Field to bushwhack Admiral Yamamoto in the air over Jap-held Bougainville.
  3. The Cong also bushwhack Esso oil trucks and force the drivers to pay ransom.


  • "He's got a way to go," said Irwin, who has nine official and 12 overall victories in Hawaii. "I won't let him. I'll bushwhack him first."
    on Jan 24, 2008 By: Hale Irwin Source: USA Today

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