blotchy blotchy  /b ˈlɑt tʃi/


  1. (adj) marked with irregularly shaped spots or blots
  2. (adj) marred by discolored spots or blotches



  1. Beside savagely marching, stiffly saluting Nazis, Fascists, Reds, the blotchy, jerky old jingo shots from World War I looked like throw-backs to a simpler, sweeter time.
  2. Regarded as the smartest man in Spain today is obese and blotchy onetime Premier Manuel Azana.
  3. All around are lifeless things retaining walls of blotchy laterite, and sandstone temples that speak little of Angkor's former grandeur and its golden spires.


  • Sarah Leach: Persistent rash a bum rap

    Within two days, that “little red” problem turned into the most vicious case of diaper rash east of the Mississippi. It was red, blotchy and angry. I called the nurse hotline for advice, which recommended baking soda baths to help with the irritation, an antifungal cream treatment in case it was a yeast-based infection, a larger diaper size and … air drying.
    on July 16, 2013     Source: Peoria Journal Star


  • Smith said: "I dreamt he was running off with Alison King. I went mental - running around screaming and crying." "Then I woke up and my face was completely blotchy. I'd been crying in my sleep."
    on Feb 27, 2008 By: Samia Smith Source:

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