blimpish blimpish


  • (adj) pompously ultraconservative and nationalistic


  1. The Tarzan role was typical: he played Brigadier Sir Basil Bertram, a blimpish general.
  2. Out under the never-setting sun, one of the socialist governors turned more blimpish than Colonel Blimp.
  3. Hersey was no blimpish Old Blue come back for the weekend to gnash his teeth.


  1. Despite his own longevity and extraordinary output, Ayckbourn told The Times: "I know I sound blimpish, but I do feel the straight play is a doomed species. And what I get really angry about is the terrible starvation of the theatre out of London....
    on Jul 24, 2008 By: Alan Ayckbourn Source:

  2. Of the evaluation, Theroux writes that he and Iyer assigned points "to those who travelled alone and wrote well, detracting points for attitude, posturing, lying, fictionalising or being blimpish".
    on Sep 26, 2008 By: Paul Theroux Source: The Australian

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