bivalent bivalent


  1. (adj) having a valence of two or having two valences
  2. (adj) used of homologous chromosomes associated in pairs in synapsis




  1. R For those 65 years and older or chronically ill, who could be hardest hit by any epidemicbivalent shots.
  2. From Greenville the bivalent Godinos motored to Manhattan where they rented an apartment in the theatrical district off Broadway.


  • Astellas And Vical Begin Phase 2 Trial Of ASPO113 Vaccine

    Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc. and Vical Inc. have begun a Phase 2 trial of ASP0113 in approximately 140 solid organ transplant (SOT) recipients. ASP0113 (formerly TransVaxä) is an investigational bivalent DNA vaccine containing plasmids (closed loops of DNA) that induce both cellular and humoral immune responses. The vaccine has previously received orphan drug designation in the ...
    on December 11, 2013     Source: PharmaceuticalOnline


  • "There's been an impressive increased coverage because of additions such as maps to track shifting population, offering 10 rounds of vaccinations a year, and introducing the bivalent vaccine to protect children against both existing polioviruses, 1...
    on May 15, 2010 By: Bill Gates Source: Hindustan Times

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