beggarly beggarly


  1. (adj) marked by poverty befitting a beggar
  2. (adj) (used of sums of money) so small in amount as to deserve contempt



  1. It would be beggarly to call what Scofield does a performance; it is an incarnation.
  2. Today, 53% consider themselves Democrats, a beggarly 25% as Republicans.


  1. "Bush, son of Bush, eliminating Israel is the duty of every believer," al-Zawahri said. "Beggarly clerics ...... and every bankrupt propaganda machine is trying to convince the people to bring change by peaceful means, but the Islamic nation...
    on Apr 12, 2006 By: Ayman al-Zawahri Source: Jerusalem Post

  2. "I grew up watching drivers like David Blankenship, Barry Beggarly and Maurice Hill compete," Sellers said. "We came out this year and competed with the likes of them and we showed that we can compete with the great drivers. This year's...
    on Sep 18, 2005 By: Peyton Sellers Source:

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