befouled befouled


  • (adj) made dirty or foul


  1. Growing up in the Garden State, Bargmann developed an affinity for befouled terrain during drives past the industrial dumps in New Jersey's Meadowlands.
  2. Repeatedly portraits of Benito Mussolini were publicly burned, and Italian tricolors were torn to tatters, spat upon, befouled.
  3. Americans landed on the moon: back on earth, their cities festered and their atmosphere was befouled.


  • Cumulus Outs Cisco-Threatening Linux Network OS

    The eagle seen flying over San Jose Wednesday was not a good omen for Cisco Systems. That quickly became evident from the way the creature befouled Cisco headquarters and beat its wings so that it sounded like it was humming the tune “Ding, dong, the witch is dead.”
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Linux


  • "Carlisle flung my ('First Circle') to be stamped upon, befouled and derided," Solzhenitsyn wrote in an essay, "A Small Seed Fell Between Two Millstones," which has not been published in the United States but is expected to be released in...
    on Jan 25, 2004 By: Alexander Solzhenitsyn Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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