beardless beardless


  1. (adj) having no beard
  2. (adj) lacking hair on the face



  1. One of the authentic heroes of the Castro rebellion was a beardless, unostentatious young flyer named Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz.
  2. According to several passengers' accounts, the hijackers appeared to be in their early 20s; they were beardless and had closely cropped hair.
  3. A beardless Ezekiel would be news in art.


  • Benefit to fund Centralia Civil War re-enactment

    On the afternoon of Sept. 27, 1864, a beardless teenager named Jesse James completed the massacre of more than 100 Union soldiers southeast of Centralia when he chased down and shot their leader, Maj.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Columbia Daily Tribune

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