array array  /ə ˈreɪ/


  1. (n) an orderly arrangement
  2. (v) lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line
  3. (n) an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics
  4. (n) an impressive display
  5. (n) especially fine or decorative clothing
  6. (v) align oneself with a group or a way of thinking



  1. Array of Light An installation inside the Chilean Pavilion provides a powerful array of lights.
  2. Technology shaped the show as the 20th century transformed old arts and created an array of new ones Future Shocks Move over, coach potato.
  3. Photographer Howard Schatz asks an array of character actors to do what they do best.


  1. Wadachi Announces the Launch of "Coops" for the iPhone, with a Wide Array of Available Design Templates

    Wadachi Inc. announces the launch of "Coops", an iPhone client app, complete with a wide array of design templates, that allows users to both manage and switch between Twitter and
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

  2. County OKs solar array on prairie's northern rim

    The Alachua County Commission approved a zoning request for a solar array that is planned for a neighborhood near Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park following about four hours of debate Tuesday evening.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The Gainesville Sun

  3. Yahoo! JAPAN Demonstrates an Array of SDN Solutions From CTC and Big Switch Networks at Interop Japan

    Interop Japan -- Yahoo! JAPAN and ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation are jointly demonstrating an array of Software-Defined Network solutions for interconnecting data centers at scale using Big Switch ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Marketwired via Yahoo! Finance


  1. "As we develop plans to purchase equity......we are working to develop a standardized program that is open to a broad array of financial institutions," Paulson said in a statement.
    on Oct 10, 2008 By: Henry Paulson Source: Toronto Star

  2. "Of course it's a little more challenging because we haven't done the training on the ground for it," Curbeam said in an interview Sunday evening. "But we did have a lot of generic training for solar array wing deploy and retract: I have a...
    on Dec 17, 2006 By: Robert Curbeam Source: ABC News

  3. "You may have heard me at one point kind of squeak out 'Be careful' as I saw the solar array coming toward him," Melroy said.
    on Nov 6, 2007 By: Pamela Melroy Source: Washington Post

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