armor-clad armor-clad


  • (adj) covered with heavy steel


  1. Then, their valorous Admiral Yisunsin built the world's first armor-clad ships.
  2. Body prehistoric mound, clothing tugged on in folds like armor-clad rhinoceros.
  3. In a country where foreign businessmen are reluctant to travel even in armor-clad SUVs with security guards, Nick Berg crisscrossed Iraq by hailing cabs and hopping onto buses.


  • All-female miniature-warrior armies rock RPG status quo

    The One-Shot Blonde sniper figure. (Credit: Raging Heroes) There are heaps of RPG miniatures available. It's easy to find muscled warrior dudes, cloaked wizard guys, armor-clad knights, and masculine beasts. It's less easy to find the ladies, especially ones wielding mighty weapons. The RPG miniature options for women players (or anyone playing with a woman character) are about to explode with ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: CNET

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