anorectic anorectic


  1. (n) a person suffering from anorexia nervosa
  2. (adj) suffering from anorexia nervosa; pathologically thin
  3. (adj) causing loss of appetite


Derived Word(s)


  1. In what used to be the German Democratic Republic, the Communist Party is an anorectic shade of its former self.
  2. Perhaps she hadn't the strength to learn her lines; the once-voluptuous babe looked tragically anorectic.
  3. He summoned not the shades of Olivier, OToole and other famous Hamlets but an adolescent, anorectic Michael Crawford.


  • The Tea Party's Anorectic Politics Of No Is A Tragic Leadership Failure

    Like anorectic teens trying to starve puberty into submission, Tea Party Republicans are trying to hold back history by starving the government into submission. They're building an anorectic politics of no. And like a teen's self-induced starvation, it is a desperate attempt to solve deeply felt problems of too much change happening too quickly. But no matter how shrill the rhetoric, how firm ...
    on October 21, 2013     Source: Forbes

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