ail ail  /ˈeɪl/


  1. (v) be ill or unwell
  2. (v) cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed
  3. (n) aromatic bulb used as seasoning



  1. On the instant, Pier Superintendent Ignazio Scibilia yelled an ail-ashore order to his crews, unloading copper from the Srbija.
  2. Thumped, tumbled, jostled, sat upon, he was taken out of the game in the fourth quarter largely through the efforts of Captain Edward Weir, ail-American Nebraska tackle.
  3. Strolling in late, Monsieur Adolph learned that 25 tickets for the charity raffle remained unsold, bought ail of them.


  1. Surace-Smith Agency Brings Union Positions To Ohio

    CLEVELAND, June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- American Income Life's Surace-Smith Agency announced its selection by The Plain Dealer as Northeast Ohio's Top Workplace among small businesses. The Surace-Smith Agency represents the products of American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL), a...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: PR Newswire

  2. San Angelo — area Jail Bookings 6/18

    The Tom Green County Jail booked 20 people in the 72 hours leading up to 7:02 a.m. Tuesday. Some of the charges include:
    on June 18, 2013     Source: The San Angelo Standard-Times


  1. "Schools become a laboratory for every social ail," Vardaman said. "Because it is a laboratory, they get asked to execute change all the time, while at the same time being made to improve test scores. They are being asked to balance so many...
    on Jun 13, 2010 By: James K. Vardaman Source: Starkville Daily News

  2. "I would love to get big chunks of yards, but we haven't been able to get it done," Neuheisel said. "That's the one thing that does ail us. We've got to find a way to do that."
    on Oct 5, 2009 By: Rick Neuheisel Source: Los Angeles Times

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