aghast aghast  /ə ˈɡæst/


  • (adj) struck with fear, dread, or consternation



  1. But many film directors are actually aghast at the prospect of more government interference.
  2. We're supposed to draw back aghast from the close-ups of Diane endlessly applying her razor to Lionel's pelt.
  3. The media is both aghast and enchanted.



  1. "This indictment came out of left field," Geragos said. "Frankly I'm aghast. It looks like the government misled me and Greg as well, saying this case couldn't go forward without him."
    on Nov 15, 2007 By: Mark Geragos Source:

  2. "Many Australians, myself included, looked aghast at the failure of the American federal system of government to cope adequately with Hurricane Katrina and the human misery and lawlessness that engulfed New Orleans in 2005," Mr Howard said in...
    on Jun 25, 2007 By: John Howard Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  3. "It's one of those terrible situations where you are at first aghast that such things could happen," said Jack Goldstone, a sociologist at George Mason University in Virginia, who specializes in international conflict. "And then you realize...
    on Apr 6, 2007 By: Jack Goldstone Source: Forbes

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