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nooh truh luhst

  • n  an advocate of neutrality in international affairs

  • For months on the Plaine des Jarres, headquarters of both the neutralist and Communist Pathet Lao armies, the Reds have been slowly squeezing their former neutralist allies in an .
  • In the eight months since the 14-nation Geneva conference established Laotian neutrality last summer, neutralist Prince Souvanna Phouma's left-right-center coalition government .
  • And, once again, the Laotian government of neutralist Prince Souvanna Phouma seemed on the verge of toppling.

  • Jack Nicholson in San Jose Mercury News
    I, by choice, am not an activist at this point,Nicholson said. "I think Sean Penn is the greatest living American in a certain way, because he's a man of action. ...... I feel by being a neutralist in this area, in my actual field of...
  • John Manley in Waterloo Record
    Canada does not have a history as a pacifist or neutralist country,Manley said at the time. "Canada has soldiers who are buried all over Europe because we fought in defence of liberty, and we're not about to back away from a challenge now...

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