token token  /ˈtoʊ kən/


  1. (n) an individual instance of a type of symbol
  2. (n) something serving as a sign of something else
  3. (n) a metal or plastic disk that can be redeemed or used in designated slot machines
  4. (n) something of sentimental value
  5. (adj) insignificantly small; a matter of form only (`tokenish' is informal)


  1. That spells trouble for the small troupe of soldiers and scientists, plus a reporter and the token fabulous babe.
  2. In 2003, Daley facing token opposition, as he does this time received 78% of the vote.
  3. He has emerged as the most likely Democrat to bring aboard meaningful or token Republican support for a bill.


  1. Angelina Jolie Debuts Bracelet Designed by Brad Pitt at Berlin Premiere of World War Z

    Angelina Jolie was literally wearing a token of Brad Pitt's affection at the Berlin premiere of World War Z. A source exclusively tells E! News that the actress' stunning...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: E! Online

  2. Push to bring back subway booths

    Safety comes first. On Thursday, June 6, members of the Transport Workers Union Local 100 and elected officials gathered in front of the Steinway Street subway station in Astoria. They called on the MTA to restore station token booths and agents to provide safer rides for commuters. “We are no longer going to accept the [...]
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Queens Courier

  3. Brooklyn Man Practices Forgiveness

    "I'm just hoping they drop this order of protection so we can get married," Randolph Costa said of the woman who allegedly shot him in the head . "I'd be crazy to testify against her." (That is one way of looking at it.) The bullet is still lodged near his spine, like a token of love.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: New York Magazine


  1. Shadow justice secretary Nick Herbert said: "First a national motto, then an oath of allegiance, now a patriotic day - one token initiative after another in Gordon Brown's Britishness agenda has sunk without trace. Labour still hasn't worked out...
    on Oct 27, 2008 By: Nick Herbert Source:

  2. "Everybody likes being independent," Hunter said. "Certainly a guy like Robert Yates. But, by the same token, but when it comes down to the money, the resources, and the people, engine programs, engineers and everything else, you have to step...
    on Jul 27, 2007 By: Jim Hunter Source: USA Today

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