pitilessness pitilessness


  1. (n) feelings of extreme heartlessness
  2. (n) mercilessness characterized by a lack of pity


  1. The take-no-prisoners pitilessness teenage girls can show one another is nothing new.
  2. Perhaps the most effective story is one that crosses satire and pitilessness in almost equal parts.
  3. As in Come Back, Little Sheba, Playwright Inge treats of what is blundering in life, and dryly enough for the play's pity to reside in its pitilessness.


  • By returning with Manning to the scene and watching him set fire to Kenney, "Mr. Pintye demonstrated chilling depravity and pitilessness," Schwarzenegger wrote.
    on Jan 21, 2006 By: Arnold Schwarzenegger Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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