outre outre


  • (adj) conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual


  1. Dozens of new titles pop up and fold each month and focus on everything from the benign to the outre.
  2. The most leeringly outre of the Chuck Barris-produced game shows of the late '60s, and with a leeringly outre host to match.
  3. Coughlin's outre, moralistic speeches, heard by up to 40 million listeners, generated tens of thousands of letters a week, many tendering donations.



  1. "They look far too outre anywhere else," Thompson, 46, told Time magazine. "They're great big, gold, shiny things. They're up there tarnishing quietly along with everything else I own, including my body."
    on Jan 15, 2006 By: Emma Thompson Source: CBS News

  2. "It's the strangest play and it's been judged a classic. But it's still got an outre reputation," Irwin says. "It's more Benjamin Britten than it is 'Tosca.'" "It's mystical even to us. But there are great conceits in it, like Nathan's...
    on Apr 25, 2009 By: Bill Irwin Source: The Star-Ledger - NJ.com

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