ossified ossified  /ˈɑ sə ˌfaɪd/


  1. (adj) set in a rigidly conventional pattern of behavior, habits, or beliefs
  2. (v) become bony
  3. (v) make rigid and set into a conventional pattern
  4. (v) cause to become hard and bony



  1. But the change of scenery breathes no new life into these once-exciting characters that have ossified into little more than corporate icons.
  2. But ever since the Labor Party took office in 1935, what had begun as a humanitarian drive gradually ossified into bureaucratic socialism.
  3. I'm not sure how you could ever break through the ossified structures of the village without something like that.


  • Maddow Predicts Doomsday For GOP: Gay Marriage Rulings Will ‘Come Crashing Down On Republican Party’

    "In Republican world, it is a very different world than the rest of us are living, when it comes to The Gay," Rachel Maddow said in a blistering segment taking the mainstream GOP to task for their ossified position on homosexuality. Maddow says their staunch refusal to liberalize on gay issues is about to be tested in two different ways: when the Employment Non-Discrimination Act comes up for a ...
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Mediaite

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