ordure ordure


  • (n) solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels


  1. A series of articles was plenty on this topic; reading a whole book on the subject is an ordeal by ordure.
  2. This might be rendered in English as the deification of dirt, or the apotheosis of ordure, or just plain mud mysticism.
  3. It scarcely matters what time is assigned to these stories; the author's clock has stopped in the '30s, when naturalism reigned and bourgeois society was the ordure of the day.


  • "The fact is I rarely feel pressure in the way the people think I must," Morgan wrote in this paper on Monday. "Give me a huge raging scoop with hideous complexities, and bitter jealous rivals queuing up to pour large quantities of ordure...
    on May 14, 2004 By: Piers Morgan Source: guardian.co.uk

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