nitwit nitwit


  • (n) a stupid incompetent person



  1. Peter is annoying, but he's not a nitwit, a cheater or a criminal.
  2. Why bother to make yourself into a silly nitwit when the folks at Redstate are lining up to do it instead? You can still make your point and let them take the hit.


  • Brown Dog: Novellas

    The adventures of Brown Dog, Jim Harrison's 'wonderful backwoods nitwit,' are collected in one rollicking set of linked tales.
    on January 20, 2014     Source: The Christian Science Monitor


  1. "It's how you present yourself. It doesn't matter what country I have been in I have found that if I present myself as this cheerful nitwit who loves being where I am people are really happy to help," says Harris.
    on Jul 9, 2010 By: Marjorie Harris Source: Daily Gleaner

  2. "It's always difficult representing young people," said Harry M. Miller. "But her management team has been great. She'sa great kid - she's not a lollypop-licking nitwit."
    on Jul 15, 2008 By: Harry M Miller Source:

  3. "That's the way this landscape is in pro football now," coach Bill Parcells said. "That's the way it is. Only a nitwit would believe (the hype). At this point. So I don't think I have any nitwits on my team."
    on Nov 29, 2006 By: Bill Parcells Source: San Jose Mercury News

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